How to Shape a Bastard of a Bread

Updated: 4/13/18

That got your attention, right?  But I didn’t give it that unfortunate moniker, the French did (of course).  Only the French would come up with a name like that for a baked good.  The batard (Eng: bastard) got its name because it is not quite a baguette and not quite a boule.  It has more crumb than a baguette but not as much as a boule.  It happens to be my family’s favorite particularly for that crust to crumb ratio.  You get that crust to crumb ratio by folding and sealing the dough fewer times than you would a baguette.

If you are going to be making French bread often you might consider investing in a baguette pan like this one.  It will help the baguettes or batards retain their shape as they ferment.

Please enjoy these short videos on how to do the stretch and fold method for dough and how to shape a batard: