Chocolate Raspberry Zefir Cake: Updated with Recipe

Exciting times… Christ is Risen, Christos Anesti! Beautiful liturgy last night followed by feasting today!

Also, I had some Barnes and Noble credit and treated myself to a new cookbook which I love, The European Cake Cookbook by Tatyana Nesteruk from TatyanasEverydayFood.

It is full of classic European tortes and cakes which are my favorite because they entail so many essential patisserie techniques: meringues, sponges, European buttercreams, curds, etc. and there’s a recipe for Esterhazy Cake which is a Hungarian favorite. DH is Hungarian and we are going there this summer! 

For our Easter picnic today I wanted to make the beautiful Chocolate Raspberry Zefir Cake. Per Tatyana’s recommendations I was able to make the zefir (marshmallow) a couple of days ahead of time and store at room temperature.  I made and assembled the cake and stored it in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap a day ahead of time.  I also made the chocolate garnish a day ahead.  So this morning, I just had to make the glaze and decorate the cake. I then let it come to room temp before the picnic.  

I also made the Esterhazy Cake because I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough dessert at the picnic.  I was able to squeeze that in today before the kids woke up and during the little one’s nap so it was super easy!

I also recently bought some new acrylic cake boards and scraper from Cake Safe that I loooove! I am so tired of having to trim my cakes in order to give me some frosting space on the traditional cake boards.  I ordered cake boards from cake safe that are 1/4″ wider and I now have a little extra space for frosting my cakes.  But I am in love with the scraper.  I have been through so many scrapers looking for the ideal one.  I even designed one myself and had an acrylic store make it for me but it wasn’t exactly perfect.  I will have to review all my cake scrapers in a post one time.  Anyway, this one is perfect. 

My lovely daughter told me all about time lapse videos so this is my first go at it.  And of course, my DH set up the tripod and the camera for me.  Unfortunately, some of the clips were sideways.  I don’t know why.  I think it was his fault.  He tried to apologize but no need…all sins are forgiven today.