Swedish Princess Torte (Prinsesstårta)

DH (Dear Husband) found a show that he thought I might like and, boy, was he right.  “The Great British Bakeoff” on BBC is very educational and entertaining.  The first cake that caught my eye was the Swedish Princess Torte.  Its obvious why, they kept talking about how challenging it was and I just had to see for myself.

Well, I honestly think the contestants on “The Great British Bakeoff” had a hard time because Mary Berry’s recipe did not make it easy for them.  In fact, I chose to deviate from it quite a bit in both the making of the cake and the construction of it.

The most important change I made was to put the third layer of cake on top of the mound of whipped cream to help shape the top and keep it stable.  This also seems to be a more traditional construction based on what I’ve seen. DH said this is his new favorite cake.

One thing I would do differently next time would be to pulse the almond flour and powdered sugar together a few times in a food processor, sift it and then make the marzipan.  You can see the marzipan in the picture looks a little bumpy.