Tool Box Cake for Father’s Day

DH constantly amazes me with his handyman capabilities. His father was a master carpenter and DH says he would be ashamed of how little he learned from him but we are always very impressed. The kids don’t bother asking me to fix anything anymore. Even my  2 year old says “Daddy fix it.”  Last week he got my backyard fountain to work again after silence for two weeks and I was jumping up and down screaming “You fixed it! You fixed it!”  Then my toddler was joining in with the cheering.

That’s where the inspiration for the cake developed. There’s a great tutorial on which I modified for my project.

I used the marbling technique described by Kristen Coniaris in her book “Decorating with Modeling Chocolate.”

I made the tool box by cutting a thick slab of red modeling chocolate and smoothing it with two fondant smoothers into a box shape.  I used the Ck chocolate mold that cake whiz used in her tutorial but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not ideal for fondant or modeling chocolate but if you don’t want to spend a ton on a silicone mold you can get away with it. Just don’t use shortening if you’re using MC.

I used my extruder to make the measuring tape which is one of my favorite tools.




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  1. CakeWhizc says:

    Your cake looks lovely!

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