Coptic Orthodox Church cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedin Our little family at St. Athanasius American Coptic Orthodox Church of Orlando moved to a new home this weekend. No, not the picture above but maybe someday. The picture above is that of the Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda in Hurghada, Egypt. But this is the church I sought to replicate in cake….

Fault Line Cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinThe monthly birthday cake for our Church should be simple — because I don’t have time to do complicated — but I never allow it to be so. DH knows me so much better than I know myself. He told me I need to be challenged and that is why every time I do…

Filigree Swirl Wedding Cake with my Favorite Chocolate Mud Recipe

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI’ve only ever made one wedding cake and it was a 2-tiered naked cake with fresh lavender. Very low pressure and yet my hands were still shaking when I was arranging the lavender around the cake. I had no intention of making another wedding cake. But then my priest’s wife called with a request….

Murder Mystery Escape Room Party Cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinThat was a mouthful of a title but the cake was for a murder mystery party with an escape room.  It was for my daughter’s 13th birthday party and, as you can imagine, we were quite busy with the planning. This was the invitation and, by the way, if you’re interested I highly recommend…

Upside-down Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake with Vegan Coconut Cream Ganache

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedin After much stress and tears I think I have finally settled upon a vegan cake and vegan ganache that is both structurally sound and tasty. I tried coconut milk beverage, canned coconut milk, soy milk, and finally, coconut cream in two different varieties. I have also tried different ratios of nondairy milk to…