Vegan Cookie Monster Cake. Wait, That Doesn’t Sound Right…Favorite Vegan Mud Cake a la Cookie Monster

Vegan cakes have really tripped me up in the past. But I have been tweaking a recipe I got out of Modern Vegan Baking . I have enjoyed perusing this book for ideas but the recipes are not accurate in their measurements; there are omissions and typos throughout the book. With some work I have made the “Fudgy Triple-Chocolate Cake” heretofore renamed “Vegan Mud Cake” turn out well consistently.

This was an 8-inch by 4-inch four layer cake with vegan dark chocolate ganache filling and vegan American-style buttercream (Earth Balance vegan butter replaces the butter). 


I made the eyeballs by covering foam balls with fondant and the hair was piped with a Wilton grass tip (#29).  You should know that those Chips Ahoy cookies in his mouth are not vegan so they were just used as props!

Another note: I scooped out a little of the cake for the mouth but wait to stick the cookies in there until just before presentation as those Chips Ahoy cookies are not sturdy enough to withstand the softening power of the ganache for long (ie.  Cookie Monster ate the first set of cookies I put in his mouth).