Rough Puff Pastry Part Trois: How to Assemble a Banana Tarte Tatin

This post is the third part in a series about rough puff pastry highlighting the versatility of this marvelous pastry dough.  You can make a large quantity of puff pastry and keep it in your fridge for about one week (or the freezer for two months) and pull out small quantities at a time to make  turnovers, galettes, palmiers, millefeuille, cheese straws — just to name a few.

A tarte Tatin is basically an upside pastry with caramelized fruit.  It is a very humble dessert in my opinion.  If you are accustomed to the denser and heartier American pies a tarte Tatin can seem like an accident (indeed, its origin may have been so) or a repurposing of leftovers.  I believe that is the beauty of French pastry — you can spend all day turning out a gateau St. Honore or spend less than an hour making a tarte Tatin that is just as elegant in its own right.

Adapted from Edd Kimber’s “Patisserie Made Simple.”


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