Hungarian Beigli

DH and his brother call this kalacs but I think beigli is the correct moniker for these nut or poppy seed rolls.  Since DH does not like poppy seeds (or raisins or coconut milk or olives…aiyiyi what a list) I made the traditional walnut beigli and then made up an almond paste variety.

I had to refer to 3 different cookbooks to piece together the recipe but DH and BIL seemed to approve.  I will ignore the comment that DH made about drizzling chocolate on top as that seems to be his way of annoying me. I have to say I lost control of one of the rolls because it had proofed for too long (I had to feed our newborn)  and the dough stretched too much when I transferred it to the pan.  Regardless, it still turned out beautifully even if didn’t look perfect.  So, the recipe is forgiving.

I am including the recipe for the walnut beigli as my almond paste creation needs some work.[amd-yrecipe-recipe:19]