Hungarian Kifli (Crescent Rolls)


I was ready to try making Kifli which are Hungarian crescent-shaped cookies filled with jam or nuts. So I set about translating [what I thought was] the recipe for it from hubby’s grandmother’s notes.  It is the one at the top labeled “Porsonyikifli” which Google translated into “Bratislavan Crescents.”  Very interesting because Bratislava (now the capital of Slovakia) was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1536 to 1783 and is still home to many Hungarians.

Anyway, the instructions are scant.  After the ingredients list it basically just says to “knead and let rest for 2 hours.”

As I started making the dough it seemed to be more like bread dough than cookie dough especially with the yeast.  One of the problems I have is that I have neither tasted nor ever seen these Hungarian pastries so I am just following my instincts, trying to extract some information from the internet and relying on hubby’s vague memories.  He did at one point ask, “Are you sure those are kifli cookies and not kifli bread?” I chose to ignore him since he did not bother to tell me that there were two different types of kifli PRIOR to my being halfway through the process.  I trudged on assuming that they were supposed to look like the cookies I had seen on the internet. After one tray had baked up to puffy clouds we figured we better search the internet again. Hubby found some pictures of Kifli rolls and I rolled up the next tray like crescents. We had a winner!  Hubby confirmed that these jam-filled rolls aligned with his memories and they were delicious! Kifli cookies up next…