Updated History and Recipe for Finom Szelet

I did not plan this but it turns out that 4 years ago to the day I tried to make Finom Szelet for the first time.  Afficionados of Hungarian baking will be familiar with Gerbeaud Szelet but might be scratching their heads about Finom Szelet.  That’s because it seems to have originated from my grandmother-in-law’s village in Hungary, Homokterenye, and has remained exclusive to that community.  Since my husband and brother-in-law told me about this dessert I have inquired repeatedly and done exhaustive internet searches regarding its origins or its recipe but have found nothing.  While we were in Hungary this past summer I asked everyone I met about Finom Szelet (which literally translates to “fine slice”) but no one recognized the moniker.  Until I got to Homokterenye.  My husband’s mother’s family, the Kovacs side, originate from Homokterenye and the family there immediately claimed the dish.  Everyone there makes Finom Szelet!  Our cousin, Diana Berze helped us translate the recipe and I now have the official Homokterenye version and also the version given to Mrs. Papp in Bath, Ohio by Mama Maria Kovacs.  Between the two I was able to recreate Finom Szelet for the Keszey brothers today!

The view from the small cemetery in Homokterenye

This will replace the recipe that I posted on 12/29/2014.