Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate Mud Cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI call this “everyone’s favorite” because no matter how many other cake flavors I offer this is the one that my family and friends prefer. It is the only chocolate cake I use for tiered cakes. Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedin

Ginger and Cocoa Nib Cannoli

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Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinA beautiful Christmas centerpiece and bonus dessert. I wish I had remembered to post this at Christmastime as it was such a big hit both on our Christmas dinner table and at the neighborhood holiday pot luck . It was actually such a hit that several people asked for the recipe afterward. It really…

Italian Rainbow Cookies

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinActually if you turn them upside down they would be Hungarian rainbow cookies but since they are deeply rooted in Italian patisserie I will not muddy the waters today. The first time I had these was at a baby shower for a Cuban friend. Her father had sent them from New York . I…


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Coptic Orthodox Church cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedin Our little family at St. Athanasius American Coptic Orthodox Church of Orlando moved to a new home this weekend. No, not the picture above but maybe someday. The picture above is that of the Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda in Hurghada, Egypt. But this is the church I sought to replicate in cake….