America’s Cake & Sugarcraft Fair Orlando– The Cake Fashion Show!

For those of you who couldn’t make it here’s what you missed. You saw it here first!

All in chocolate except for the white blouse — even the shoes!


This is gelatin people! 99% edible outfit!


Sugar veil outfit. Took 6 weeks to make!

Wafer paper bustier and skirt.

Fabric with gumpaste details

Wafer paper and isomalt. 98% edible outfit!



Chocolate, non-pareils, cake lace

Fondant, candy, wafer paper, dragees Designed by Colette Peters and Lisa Mansour (her father was from Egypt).


Isomalt, gumpaste, sugar lace



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  1. stephen says:

    I don’t believe those clothes are chocolate… They would need candy coatings like M&Ms so they would not melt!! 🙂

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