Vegan Naan

Another dish for the Church’s potluck lunch.  I feel like I’m in the Coptic Lent version of the Great British Bake Off.  This week’s theme was Indian and I originally intended to make vegan gulab jamun which was a disaster.  So I switched to naan and it turned out quite well actually with the substitution of coconut yogurt.  The flavor of ghee is hard to replicate but with a blend of oils you can come pretty close.  You might recall last week’s church bake and the marital troubles that ensued.  Well, we came to an agreement which was pretty fair. I do my baking after the kids go to bed or during the little one’s nap.  So, since baking is essential to my mental health I am perfectly willing to wake up a little earlier on church mornings to get things done.  This weekend I was making both naan and chai for church and when I woke up I realized I didn’t have soy milk.  The little man was already awake at 6:30 AM because he had just gotten a new toy with which he wanted to play.  This posed a dilemma.  Little man likes his cereal as soon as he wakes up and the whole point of this exercise was to avoid waking up the Dad and alerting him to my potential child-neglecting activities while I baked.  Some women hide their shopping.  I hide my baking (much trickier).  I pulled it off though and I have assembled some tips for you in case you face a similar challenge one day:

  1.  Prepare an extra large bowl of cereal for your child so that he is barely finished eating it by the time you get back from the store with the soy milk (or other essential item).  In my case, he actually said, “Wow, Mommy, you were fast!”
  2. If another child wakes up and your baking project starts to run over-time then quickly scramble an egg for second child to make it look like you are a totally dedicated mom who feeds [at least one child] a hot breakfast.
  3. Since you went to the trouble of making 1/3 of your children a hot breakfast you can then ask the Dad  to feed her the hot breakfast .  You then have a few minutes to go back to baking (in my case, making naan).
  4. Now, its your turn again.  Since the naan takes 2-3 minutes to blister on each side you can grab the baby, run upstairs and dress her and then run back downstairs by the time the naan needs to be flipped.  Go ahead and gild the lily.  Put a matching barrette in her hair — it will earn you another point in the awesome Mom tally and also serve as a distraction while you continue baking e.g. “Look how cute she looks!”
  5. By now you have proven how dedicated of a Mom you are to the Dad.  You let him sleep in. You mostly provided breakfast to the kids.  You dressed one of them.  Now you must be the first one in the car so that the illusion of got-it-togetherness is complete and you can thus max out on your points later.  For example, “I let you sleep in this morning, so…”