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Baking has always been my “thing.” I actually considered going to Culinary Arts School instead of medical school but decided that baking should continue to be my hobby rather than my profession.  I am Egyptian and for many years I worked on improving my Egyptian pastries and publishing an Egyptian cookbook, “More Dining on the Nile.

However, I think I found my niche with cake decorating. Even though I’m still very new to this (my first post on this blog marks cake #11 in my history but I’m not counting the multiple cartoon characters I popped out of molded cake pans for my daughter’s birthdays) the possibilities seem endless.  I mean, once you’ve mastered baklava and creme caramel and croquembouche its not like you can stir things up a little by adding modeling chocolate chevron stripes on them (well I suppose you can but it would be weird).

So cake decorating turned into my obsession in August 2013 when I decided to step it up a notch for my daughter’s birthday cake. I took a couple of cake decorating classes here in Orlando with a great, patient teacher (http://www.jennytaycreations.com/) and I was off!  I have done a lot of experimenting and researching since then with different media such as modeling chocolate and ganache and different buttercreams and, of course, different fondants.

Since then I have taken another class with a professional cake decorator to help me refine my decorating skills.  If you’re in the Orlando area you should definitely take a class with Luci Martin at sofelleconfections.wix.com.

I still practice medicine and am a general pediatrician with Nemours’ Children’s Hospital in Orlando.  I love taking care of children but the baking is my alone-time pleasure.

This blog is my new notebook.  I found that I needed to keep detailed notes about what works, what doesn’t and the questions that are still unanswered. An online notebook is ideal because I can store pictures, links and share with my other hobbyist cake decorating-obsessed friends.

You will see my amateur cakes (what am I talking about, I’m still an amateur!) — which I don’t mind showing you — and my more recent, sharper looking cakes because I’ve learned something from all of them.

Thanks for talking cake with me!

Sally Elias Keszey

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  1. David says:

    I love the works of art you create

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