I should have mentioned in my last post what the advantages are of using SMBC to ABC or even ganache.  Don’t get me wrong, ganache is awesome but chocolate doesn’t go with every cake e.g carrot cake. 

Why SMBC is awesome:
1) It smooths like a dream.  You can smooth and smooth with ABC with the paper towel method or a hot palette knife but you won’t get anywhere near the texture of SMBC. BTW, I should mention that ganache is my number one choice as far as smoothing quality.

2) It tastes heavenly. Of course it does — have you seen how much butter is in the recipe? To quote a coworker today who tasted my lavender rosettes cake, “That icing was amazing.” Unsolicited comment.  And by the way,  the icing on that cake had 1/3 of the butter replaced with shortening!

So, I haven’t given up yet on SMBC in this hot, humid state!

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