There are some cake designers who will not use liquid egg whites (meaning pasteurized egg whites in a carton).  They state that liquid whites will not whip up like fresh white and the taste is not the same. 

I have to agree.  The first time I poured out liquid whites I could have sworn I was smelling pee somewhere.  I’m not kidding– I searched for a left behind diaper.  It wasn’t until the second time that I realized that smell was from the egg whites.  Also, it took 30 minutes of beating to get a peak on those liquid whites.  Normally, it takes 15 minutes.  I almost gave up, actually, but I hate to throw food away.  And the peak was not the stiff peak of fresh egg whites. 

That doesn’t mean I will stop using liquid egg whites.  The convenience and the reduced waste of all those yolks are a clear advantage.  BTW, the pee smell does not persist.

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