This has post has been a long time coming but we decided — quite suddenly — it was time to move out of our starter home into something more long term and this was the last cake I made before packing up the bakeware.  We moved into the new house earlier this month but I did not feel like I had truly settled in until the cake pans were unpacked.

I really loved making this cake for our family friend as everything was just so pretty but I had some hiccups which I will share with you.  I decided to buy the Wilton pillow cake pans since it would eliminate the time needed for carving and they worked quite well.  But way before I made the cakes I made the shoes and tiara using the Marvelous Molds Majestic Tiara mold and JEM life size bootie cutter.

If you are in central Florida you should definitely check out for your supplies.  Now that they have moved their pick-up location near the International airport it is much more convenient and the prices beat all.

I always use modeling chocolate for my figures because they are ready to go within minutes.  For the tiara, I used yellow modeling chocolate (but any color will do) and then dusted with antique gold.  I had a mold for the cross as well which I dusted with pearl luster. Now, for the shoes, I wanted to match the fondant on the pillow so I used fondant and was probably impatient letting it set so they did not hold quite the shape I wanted.




I applied a quilt pattern to the pillow but then I ran into a little trouble as I was dusting the pillow with pearl luster.  I had last used my blusher brush with black dust and apparently did not wash properly so I started getting this odd black tint to my pink.  When I realized my mistake I went back and fastidiously cleaned off all the black with a brush dipped in vodka.  Lesson #1 : soak your brushes.



The cord proved to be a challenge as gravity was working against me.  It would not stay on the cake with edible glue or piping gel but royal icing worked liked a charm.  Lesson #2: always use royal icing to attach heavy objects.  I probably should have known that already.  I made the tassel by extruding long ropes, folding them in half and then twisting the tops to look like a knot.  Little more difficult to paint with gold dust as I had to do most of the painting while off the cake then wait for it to dry but not too long so it would stay flexible as I attached it.  Then I painted again to fill any gaps once it was on the cake.  To attach I took floral wire and bent it in a “U” shape and pushed it around the knot thereby encircling it and then dusting the wire with gold so it would blend in.


If you look really closely at the shoes you can see where I used a “Louis Vuitton” rolling pin to imprint on the fondant!

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