I have been meaning to make this cake for my husband’s birthday for several years. Well, not this cake exactly. He didn’t start off in my imagination with a Frankenstein head. But when I was having trouble getting just the right shape for his head DH suggested a Frankenstein Brutus instead. At first I scoffed. Actually, scoffing is my first reaction to all of DH’s cake ideas. Because they are usually so outrageous. Then I thought, why not?

This is usually how the conversations go:

DH: Why don’t you do [fill in the blank].

Me: Stephen, could you just be quiet? That is [ridiculous, crazy, stupid, etc].

Several minutes go by with me thinking. Or hours.

Me (in my head): Yeah, I guess I could do that. Then, without telling him, I start doing it his way.

The base is one I have used many times before for cakes such as the standing Minion cake, the upside down birthday cake and the macaron fault like cake . It is basically a square piece of wood that DH drilled two holes in — one a all the way through and another partially through. There is a long threaded screw in one hole with bolts and washers. The other hole is meant for a dowel. So you can use it for two “legs” like I did with Brutus or just use the threaded screw. You can see the construction clearly in the video below.

Brutus’ “hips” are made out of a piece of foam core but I have used MDF board for heavier/larger cakes. There is not much cake to Brutus as you can see in the video — I used a round cutter to cut out four inches of cake total with ganache filling in between the layers.

The head is a cylinder of styrofoam since a fondant head would be way too heavy for his relatively tiny body. This cake will only give you about four servings but that’s not really the point. The point is this face:

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