This cake had several firsts for me:
1) First extended tier — six 1″ layers of yellow cake :
Not as hard as I thought.  After the first 3 layers I put in fat boba straws for support then a cake board then 3 more layers.  I was a little worried that it would need a dowel through the whole cake but after I crumbcoated with ganache it was as solid as the leaning tower of Pisa — without the lean.

2) I got CRAZY with different SMBC flavors.  My new favorite blog,, has a friekin’ amazing recipe for caramel sauce and I poured it into the SMBC and holy mackerel!  Forget plain SMBC!!! Then I used some of the caramel sauce over baked pears for dessert DH and Sophia.
I also got a great tip to freeze extra SMBC in double layers of saran wrap rather than use up my tupperware.

3) First time making white chocolate ganache.  Huh.  DH thought it was awesome.  Maybe I’m just not a white chocolate fan. I was using Nestle white chocolate chips.  Hello, I cannot spend $10/lb for good white chocolate because I’ve spent enough money on this hobby.   So based on some googling I used a 4:1 ratio for lower quality white chocolate.  It was a little stiff so next time maybe 3.5:1.

4) First time I did an inlaid pattern.  So, confession time…it was supposed to be a zebra stripe pattern but it turned into a cow pattern after I rolled it out.  Other than that I was so impressed.  It was super easy and panel wrapping with modeling chocolate is a dream.  Thank you God because the Shoosh woke up too early from his nap so I was racing to finish before he started pulling down my tools.

Phew.  It was fun.  Happy birthday nanny Celeste!

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