I wasn’t going to make a cake for Mother’s day, really.  I had decided to take a break for a while.  But the family was all coming to my house for Mother’s day including out of town relatives AND my dad called me and said, “Buy a cake and I’ll pay for it.” Seriously? You think I’m going to go buy a supermarket cake? So that was it.  I decided to make it as simple as possible so that I didn’t stress. I have also decided to give SMBC a rest since its extra challenging to get the look I want and really, what’s the point when ganache is so much easier.

I made a 10″ square cake with my favorite chocolate mud cake recipe and filled and crumbcoated with ganache.  Now, I ran into a little trouble with my ganache.  I usually buy whatever dark chocolate chips I can find on sale and this time I got Ghirardelli.  I used the same recipe I always do but instead of setting up to the consistency of buttercream it was more like pudding — it kept sliding off my spatula.  So I was getting frustrated and desperate and decided to add more chocolate to thicken it up but all I had left was Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips and I melted down about 1/4 cup and whisked it into the ganache.  It worked!  So I got the nice crisp edges and firm background that makes it so easy to cover with fondant.

Sophia (my 8 year old daughter) and I cut out daisies with our PME daisy plunger cutter.  I intended to cut the grass out with an xacto knife but that was taking too long so I used one point of my witon calyx cutter to pinch the tops off into blades of grass.

Sophia was bored by this point and wanted to help Mommy so I had to restrain my inner uber-controlling voice that was saying “no, no I want it perfect” and gave her own workstation, a cutting board and a bunch of cutters.  What do you know… I have no where near the imagination of that little girl.  She used my hydrangea cutters to cut out clovers because “most wildflower fields are filled with clovers” and then she cut out the leaves and stems for the daisies.

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