Another beautiful offering from The European Cake Cookbook and probably one of my favorites, the Mozart Torte.  Take a look at the book if you haven’t seen it yet:

We have a new rotating schedule at church which means I cannot sign up for dessert every week but have to wait for my turn to come up in the schedule. Which means…I am going bananas.  I can’t make dessert for my family that often because a) they can’t keep up and b) I’m a pediatrician and it would reflect poorly on me if I were to spread chocolate buttercream on their pancakes (although I’m sure they wouldn’t mind). If you can’t relate to my obsession, think of yourself as an exercise enthusiast who has been barred from the gym across the street.  It is an itch that I have to scratch.  So I’m asking people if I can bake something for them like a new mom looking for a caffeine fix.

I have stopped trying to defend the time I devote to my hobby.  I learned long ago from watching my father in medicine and others that you need something that you can lose yourself in outside of work.  When my mind is flashing the “No Vacancy” sign it goes to baking land.  Unfortunately, my husband cannot detect the flashing “No Vacancy” sign on my forehead to let him know that my mind is in baking land so this is usually what happens… just replace “driving” with “baking”:

I am telling you, “grape pie” diatribes are my life. Now, enjoy this short baking video.  Thank you for watching.


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