My sister-in-law asked me if I would make my niece’s birthday cake.  Ok, the truth is I really wanted to practice making more cakes and I offered.

So when she showed me her idea for a cake I was a little worried. I had been learning modeling chocolate — first from Jessica Harris’class, then Lauren Kitchens’ on Craftsy — but I had not perfected the recipe yet.  I kept having problems with over heating and over/under stirring.  I wanted to use MC on this cake because even when the MC didn’t turn out perfectly for me it was still easier to decorate with than fondant.  I was also a little bit nervous about the chevron stripes.  I had tried them earlier and they were a nightmare to get on the cake but that was pre-MC and pre-Jessica Harris’ wax paper transfer method ( have I mentioned she’s awesome?).

I started making the owls weeks ahead of time.  The owls were the first of about 5 batches of MC.  I finally got the recipe [almost] perfect by the time I got to the ribbons but that’s another post.

The bottom tier was an 8″x 6″ chocolate mud cake filled with ganache and crumbcoated with ABC.  The top tier was a dummy.  I’m not crazy about dummy tiers because they never fit the cake board quite right plus its tricky getting the fondant on since they have no weight and won’t sit still.  But, at least, my niece got to keep the dummy tier as a souvenir.

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