This is the baby shower cake I made for my good friends, Nancy and Ramez.  Actually, I had help with the baking from my friend Pam Morgan and Nancy because it was such a big project.  The bottom tier was a 10″x3″ WASC with SMBC; the second tier was a 8″ x 3″ Chocolate mud cake with caramel SMBC and the top tier was 6″x4″ amaretto cake with SMBC.  I crumbcoated the bottom and top tier with white chocolate ganache and the middle tier with dark chocolate ganache.  Yes, the top tier was a little lopsided as my daughter pointed out to me but, thankfully, no one at the shower noticed.  I did all the decorations with modeling chocolate.  I used one of my favorite gadgets– the clay extruder to do the rope borders on the bottom 2 tiers and a frill cutter for the pink trip on the top and bottom tiers. Nancy and Ramez were very happy with it.

All the decorations were made with modeling chocolate.  I got a great wavy ribbon fondant cutter from Hobby Lobby — that’s what I used to make the gray ribbons on top of and below the heart in the middle tier.  I also used a FMM sugarcraft straight frill cutter to do the pink borders on the top and bottom tiers.  I put the ribbon in the middle tier using Jessica Harris’ wax paper transfer method to get it even in the middle.  I used my other favorite tool, a walnut hollow clay extruder to create the braided ropes on the bottom and middle tiers. I am always surprised how easy it is to make ropes with this extruder — its amazing!

Lessons learned from this cake:
1) Give your ganache enough time to set.  I was in a hurry and the white ganache takes a little longer than I like to set so when I tried to crumbcoat my cake it kept sliding off the cake.  So frustrating! You need to patient with this — give it several hours.
2) Restaurant depot is a great resource for high quality chocolate like Callebaut.  If you have a business license you can get a membership there.

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