My brother-in-law turned 50 yesterday.  He and my husband, Stephen, own and run a herp (reptiles) farm and for a while they had a show on the Discovery channel called “The Swamp Brothers.” So, of course, I had to make him a gator cake.  I used the Merckens candy melts in green and added a couple of drops of black to it for the alligator.  After I shaped the body I rolled out thin ropes and placed them on the back in the pattern of the osteoderms. I got this tip from “KathysCC” a user on  I then took another piece of modeling chocolate rolled out very thin and pressed it into an alligator skin impression mat and laid it on top of the “osteoderm” tubes.  Then I just pinched with my fingers.

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I rolled the legs over the impression mat as well. DH helped a lot with the details. I wanted to put a lot more teeth and the bloody leg was all his idea.  He also rolled out the snake for me and “aged” the tree stump for me.

I filled and covered the cake with IMBC and then poured ganache on top for the “mud.” All the other decorations are modeling chocolate too.


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