I was really anxious about making this cake because I don’t consider myself proficient at sculpting figures.  But,  much to my surprise, these turtles are rather simplistic in their form.  I rolled out a ball of modeling chocolate, indented it once for the snout and then just carved out the smiles and the dimples.  After that it was so fun making the little masks and eyes.

The brick street pattern was made with an impression mat and then also filled in with some brown food coloring

I rolled out a thin log of modeling chocolate and placed it right on the cake and then laid the top piece of modeling chocolate on top to create a lip.  This gave the effect of the turtles crawling out of the sewer and gave me something to curl the fingers over.

For the sewer lid I hot glued two 6″ cake boards and then covered them with gray modeling chocolate.  I made the sewer grid pattern by hand and then just brushed on some black food coloring to make it look grimy.  I cut the TMNT letters out of modeling chocolate too.  I was also stressing about how to attach the lid.  But once I created the lip or the ledge for the top of the cake I was able to jam the lid in and attach it with some piping gel.


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