About 6 months ago, Sophia was looking through the book “Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate” with me and saw a picture of a grand piano cake.  She decided that would be her next birthday cake.  Luckily, Kristen Coniaris posted a great tutorial on her site:
It wasn’t as difficult as I expected but I did hit some bumps along the way.  First, my husband looked at the instructions for building the stand with cardboard cake boards and decided that wouldn’t work.   He got a sheet of acrylic from home depot and cut it to the piano shape and as you can see it needed five legs not four because it was already bowing from the weight in the middle as soon as we tried to put the cake on it. I would shoot for 3-4″ legs rather than 5″ like we did here.
Sophia wanted a black cake so I was going to cover it in fondant but with some advice from Kristen I decided to panel wrap it with modeling chocolate instead and that worked out well, I think.  The part I hated and will not do again is coating the cake with white ganache.  I find white chocolate ganache very difficult to work with as opposed to dark chocolate ganache and will never use it again except for filling.  Next time I need a white coat I will go with buttercream.
I did use edible paper for the first time and cut out the letters with a Martha Stewart Crafts Alpha Punch .  Very easy.  I extruded some white modeling chocolate for the piping and then painted it with gold luster dust.

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