My son, Sandor, turned 2 on August 29th this year and he is taking his time talking.  My daughter was talking before she was one, of course.  So he couldn’t tell us what he wanted for his birthday cake but he recognizes and shows great affection for Mickey Mouse.I was nervous about making the ears on this cake but that part was difficult at all.  I rolled out black modeling chocolate, cut out the circles and then inserted skewers.  When it came time to attach them I simply melted some dark chocolate and dabbed some around the skewers before I pushed them into the top tier.  My daughter thought the ears were placed to close together.  I have to agree.

The other part I was nervous about was the letters. I got excited about using Walt Disney font and simply downloaded the font, typed out my son’s name and adjusted the size then printed it!  I put red fondant in my extruder with a lot of Crisco and pushed out small snakes.  I used Jessica Harris’ wax paper transfer method — I taped wax paper to the paper I had printed my son’s name on and laid the extruded fondant on the letters and then placed them on the cake. I should mention that I cut out the individual letters on laid them on a blank piece of paper in that curved shape that you see on the cake and of course the letter were placed in their mirror image position.

Crumbcoating the top hemisphere was so easy by also using a method I learned from Jessica Harris.  I lined the hemisphere bowl with saran wrap and plopped a big dollop of ganache in there and then moved the cake gently from side to side in the bowl to make sure the ganache got to all the sides.  I only had a little touching up once it was set.

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