The tutorial from Artisan Cake Company is a gem.  Its all in modeling chocolate.  The only major thing I did differently was I cut out the squares for the windows with square cutters from this set: Ateco 4845 Geometric Shape Cutter, Set of 24out of the second layer of modeling chocolate before I put it on the cake.  This would have worked beautifully had I had more time to allow these pieces to harden a little before I stuck them on.  As it was, they stretched a little with the transfer.  But, otherwise I was totally pleased with the result. I am in no way a great cake decorator (in fact, I just noticed I forgot the door handles– how will they get in?) but at least I’m not near tears with each cake experience anymore.  This makes cake #21 for me!Awesome things I learned with this cake:

1) Floral lights are like amazing! I don’t know if you can tell but that’s real light emanating from the top.  They are supposed to last 8 hours (but this one lasted like 24 hours) and you can get it from Joann’s or D&G if you’re in Orlando.

2) Masonite cake boards are amazingly strong and easy to work with and not that expensive.  I hot glued the silver cake board to the masonite and then hot glued the ribbon around the edge (I don’t love hot glue — very messy).

3) Also, what I relearned because apparently I forgot: do not ganache a cold cake! The ganache sets way too fast. Bugger.

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