This is a tooth cake.

This is a tooth pharaoh cake…

What? Yes, a tooth pharoah cake.

To understand this cake you have to understand Copts (Egyptian Orthodox Christians). We are taught from a young age that we are the descendants of the pharaohs. All of us. Not that some of us might be descended from idk maybe the pharaoh’s beefeater or even an executive assistant to a pharaoh. Nope. All blue bloods. My grandmother says she inherited her nose from Queen Nefertiti.

Which is why at some point many of us have adopted ancient Egyptian monikers. I am slightly ashamed to say I was “Cleo” for a short time in high school 🤦‍♀️

So my little dentist cousin Ramy has named himself @toothpharaoh and thus this crazy cake! Happy birthday Ramy!

By the way it turns out this ethnocentric naming practice is not unique to us… my Hungarian husband @stephenkeszey wanted to name our son Attila. As in the Hun. Needless to say our son’s name is not Attila!

Anyway, I tried making my cuz a tooth cake last year and it was an abomination! Do not make a tooth cake out of chocolate cake and then try to cover it up with white buttercream. It won’t work and you’ll die trying. Also, a tooth cake should be made with square cakes not round ones. Again, you’ll die trying to shape a round cake into a tooth.

So this year I was happy just making him a beautiful white tooth cake when annoying husband had to jump in with his bright idea to make it a tooth pharaoh cake. What, what, what? Why do you have to put these crazy ideas in my head? I rejected the idea and tried to go to bed. Emphasis on “tried.” It was in my head already. I couldn’t make it go away.

Next day, I wake up, rush to my nearest craft store and buy a styrofoam hemisphere and quickly ordered this cobra mold from Amazon. As you can see in the video below I started by cutting about 1 1/2 inches off the bottom of the hemisphere. Next, I cut little “notches” on both sides of the front for the “lappets” that hang down on the sides. I covered the whole thing with blue fondant and added the stripes. To make the lappets I used two pieces of wire that I lashed to each other and shaped to the lappets — these were to provide a skeletal support since they were made out of fondant. Finally, I “glued” the lappets to the headdress or “nemes” with royal icing and secured with more wires through the lappets into the foam.

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