This is one of the cakes of which I am most proud.  I hardly ever come up with my own design ideas — I think medical school deadens any imagination you might have had — but this one was all mine.  When I initially googled “traitor cake” to find an idea for a coworker who was moving on to a different position I found quite a few that were, lets say, unprofessional.  Let us also say that I don’t have a cutter in the shape of a hand with one finger sticking up.  I was also a little concerned that our practice manager would not approve.  I had very little time and one 6-inch round and one 6-inch hemisphere with which to work.  Whenever I have a little extra cake batter I bake off a small cake and freeze it.  They come in very handy for last -minute cakes.  So, the cogs are grinding away on the right side of my brain when suddenly it hit.  A gravestone on an untended mound!  My husband walked in to the room just as I was having this “aha!” moment and saw the huge Cheshire cat grin on my face.

I stacked the hemisphere on the round with some ganache in between.  Then I slapped some ganache haphazardly on the outside. I used my grass tip with some SMBC for the grass. I made the gravestone with modeling chocolate so It was ready to go in minutes (as opposed to fondant). Quite possibly the easiest cake I ever made but one that induced the most laughs.

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