This cake was a 6″ x 4″ vanilla chai tea cake (see recipe) filled and crumbcoated with Joshua John Russell’s SMBC.  I panel wrapped the bottom with fuschia fondant.  I made the lid, stripes and bow with modeling chocolate.

I put the stripes on using Jessica Harris’ wax paper transfer method.

This cake was for my mom’s birthday and she doesn’t like overly sweet desserts so the vanilla chai tea cake was perfect for her.

Lessons learned from this cake:

1) It is tricky to cover the top of a round cake.  If you cut the top using a 6″ cake board as your guide it won’t quite reach the edges of your cake after you’ve panel wrapped the bottom with fondant.  And, with this design you do need to reach the edges of the cake or you’ll have about 1/4″ gap which is what I was facing.  I’ve seen Marina Sousa use fondant on top and stretch out to the sides using her fingers but that won’t work with modeling chocolate.  You could also using a rope like I used here to fill the gap but I actually wanted a more exact way of trimming the top.  The rope in my picture was actually laid at the edge of the box and wasn’t used to fill the gap.  I used a compass to measure out the right sized circle on a piece of cardstock.  It was still tricky because well, where’s the exact center of your cake but it worked.  I’m think I could have also flipped the cake over and traced the top onto a sheet of wax paper.

2) A right angle (I got one from Joann’s) is great for making sure your horizontal stripes are straight when you are cutting them out. 

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