DH keeps having to remind me that I have to share both my fabulous cakes and my failures (let’s call them not-so-successful cakes).  Although this cake didn’t turn out as pretty as I would have liked it was still totally yummy. Red velvet may be my new favorite especially this one that I got from CakePaperParty.com.

My posts are not always derived from my original recipes or ideas but my intent is to always provide you with some original information from my experiments whether they be tips or mistakes.  In this case, the cake idea came from a pinterest post and it will be my honor to provide you with my avoidable mistakes and some helpful tips!

I had 4 one-inch red velvet cake layers with vanilla SMBC filling.  Avoidable mistake #1: Red velvet cake is not that sturdy so definitely wrap the cake in saran wrap and chill it in the freezer for a few hours before you attempt to torte and stack it.  A lot of my mistakes were due to my trying to rush the process although I knew better.  I was trying to make the whole cake from scratch in a span of a few hours to bring it to a sick friend.  Luckily, I had some SMBC in the freezer so I just had to thaw it.

I made about 6 cups of American buttercream for the frosting (not my first choice in terms of taste but less time required) and colored about 1 cup of it red with 1 tablespoon of Americolor super red and the rest green with a couple of drops of Americolor electric green and about 4-5 drops of kelly green.

Avoidable mistake #2: I stacked my cakes on my 6″ cake board and, although I knew better, I did not take the time to trim down the sides of the cake where they hung over the cake board and thus struggled mightily when I tried to frost it.  Remember to trim overhanging edges of cake to give you at least 1/8″ of gap between the cake edge and the edge of the cake board.  This way you can use your scraper jutted up against the cake board to get your frosting smooth all the way around the cake.

Tip #1: This is a basic piping lesson that I had forgotten to remember when piping beads or balls around a cake. Modern Piping Class on Craftsy is a great class to take for piping by the way.  Anyway, I was trying to pipe the beads from the “front” or at a 90 degree angle to the cake which is why I have all those tails. By the bottom of the cake I remembered to pipe them from the “side” or at a 45 degree angle with the cake so they came out better.




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