In January 2010,  my priest Fr. Daoud Tawadros from St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church in Maitland, Florida approached me about a project our Church was doing for our English-speaking diaspora.  They were creating the Christian Youth Channel, a free-to-air English Coptic Orthodox television channel.  Fr. Daoud asked if I would be interested in doing a cooking show for it since he knew of my obsession with cooking and baking.  It came at a great time in my life as I was fresh off a divorce and my daughter was going to be going on an extended vacation for the holidays with her dad.  Those extended periods without my daughter were heartbreaking and I tried to fill my time with various hobbies after work such as gardening and, of course, cooking.  I was very grateful to Fr. Daoud because it was just the kind of hard, gratifying work (after work) I needed at that time.  We are still filming 4 years later whenever I can.  Below is an episode I filmed with Sophia last summer about making that most ubiquitous of dishes– fried dough.  The Egyptian version is called Zalabya. 

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