Husband came home and took some great pictures. Let me put this disclaimer out there– I am not a feteer flyer. But unless that’s your goal I think you’ll be satisfied with this tutorial 🙂

First roll out with a wooden rolling pin on a surface generously greased with clarified butter

Start pulling up and stretching
Once rolled out paper thin, fold long sides toward the middle.  The edges should meet in the middle.  I have a small tear — we will take care of that soon.
The two edges should meet in the middle. Slather newly exposed sides with clarified butter.  There are some scraggly edges that are not ideal but I will show you how to take care of those in the next couple of pictures.
Oops created a couple of tears…
Grab the torn/scraggly edges and wrap around your finger and tear away.
Going to tear away these imperfect edges too…
See my pile of scraggly bits by my right hand? No sweat, just part of the process!
After folding like an envelope, you’re going to take one of the long sides and bring the whole thing over to the opposite edge so that you’ve folded it in half.
More clarified butter
Start folding up in triangles like a flag
Position it seam side down in your greased cake pan or pizza pan (no holes in your pizza pan)
Use your knuckles to gently spread to edges of pan
Once the dough reaches the edges in the pan stick it in the oven on the lowest rack (if you have a top heating element) and bake for 20-22 minutes at 500F.  Brush the top with more butter after baking and cover with a towel while cooling if you want a softer top!


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