Ube Buchi

Buchi (Sesame Seed Balls) filled with ube halaya
Servings: 10



  • 320 g glutinous rice flour 2 cups, approximately, divided
  • 180 g water ¾ cup
  • 50 g sugar ¼ cup
  • 2 g vegetable or canola oil ½ tsp plus more for deep frying


  • 100 g ube halaya (jam) chilled; approximate


  • 25 g rice flour ⅛ cup, approximately
  • 60 g water ¼ cup
  • 100 g sesame seeds approximately


  • Put 160 g or 1 cup of rice flour in a medium mixing bowl.
  • Combine 180 g water with sugar in a small saucepan and heat over medium flame until sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour sugar water over rice flour and mix with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Add more rice flour as needed and continue mixing until smooth dough is formed that is just tacky to the touch but does not stick to your fingers. Add ½ tsp vegetable oil and knead with your hands for a few seconds until smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 20 minutes.

For coating:

  • Mix rice flour and water in a separate small bowl.
  • Pour sesame seeds in another small bowl

Assembly and frying:

  • Heat 3" oil in a deep frying pan or dutch oven to 275°F.
  • Roll dough into a log and scale into 10 pieces 45-50g each. Roll each into a ball then cover with plastic wrap
  • Take one ball and flatten it in your palm. Place ½ Tbsp amount of ube halaya in the center and bring up the sides to close the ball. Round out the ball again in your palms or on the counter, making sure the seam is sealed.
  • Dip quickly and evenly in the rice flour coating and then the sesame seeds. Place on a dish until you are finished with all ten balls.
  • Fry in 1-2 batches depending on the size of your pan. Keep the temp of the oil between 275-285°F. The balls will initially sink then start to float to the top. When they float to the top, periodically and gently push each one down just under the surface of the oil to fry evenly and allow the balls to expand. Continue frying until they are evenly golden brown. This may take about 20 minutes but don't turn up the heat or they will explode.
  • Drain on paper towels and serve warm.

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