The first time I tried making rough puff pastry I was quickly disheartened.   It looked horrible and I thought I had messed it up/misunderstood the directions/or that the recipe was wrong, wrong, wrong.  I didn’t put much effort into it as I thought it was a lost cause. Recently, I decided to try it again and I’m here to tell you — if you see it through to the last turn you will witness a dough miracle.  Making rough puff pastry is similar to making a pie crust.  In this case, I used just a dull knife instead of the food processor to cut the butter into the flour so I have pretty large chunks of butter.  I thought it would never come together to get through the first turn and did the folds very haphazardly thinking I was wasting my time.  But after it rested in the fridge for about 20 minutes I took it out to do the second turn and, lo and behold, it rolled and folded beautifully.  I was so excited I made three batches of rough puff and used it to make palmiers, chausson aux pommes and banana tarte tatin over the next couple of days.  Stay tuned!

The dough on the right has been through one turn; the dough on the left has been through two turns
The dough on the right has been through two turns; the dough on the left has been through three turns

The palmiers were gobbled up by my boys within a couple of hours.

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