Earl Grey is my favorite macaron flavor but its a little tricky to get the tea leaves ground up into a fine powder.  I first start by grinding the tea leaves alone in either a cheese grater or a small spice grinder.  I then add a heaping teaspoonful of this in with my powdered sugar and almond flour to grind again in the food processor.

Because the almond flour mixture tends to be a little coarser/heavier with the ground tea leaves I find that I have to bake a little higher and a little longer to avoid hollows.  While I’m normally baking at 315°F (see my current macaron formula) I have to bake Earl Grey macarons at 320°F for 18 minutes.

I had at least a dozen beautiful macarons filled with blackberry jam and buttercream lined up for this post but a strange thing happened at my house.  I left for a couple of hours to plead my case for a pergola in front of our HOA’s revered architectural review committee (don’t get me started on that one… let’s just say there will be no pergola).  When I came back there were only two macarons left and jelly on my 3-year-old’s face.

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