Still having some difficulty getting the oven temp right for this recipe…
I’m using Les Petits Macaron recipe which gives me nice results on the inside and more consistency with the tops- I rarely get cracks anymore — which I think is due to more dry ingredients and the dried egg whites.  However, I’m still getting wide, spreading feet and the tops are shifting a little off the feet as well.
For these I set the convection oven to 375 then turned it off before I popped them in.  I left the heat off for 7 minutes then I set it to 350F (at that point the oven was about 306F) and let them bake for 7 minutes.  I should have left them in longer.  They were full on the inside but a little undercooked as you can tell from the dark spots on top.
Same batter but I air dried these for about 10 minutes then stuck them in at 285F for 18 minutes.  They were slightly hollow on the inside and you could see them rise very high very quickly in the oven so I think the heat needs to be reduced if I’m going to air dry and bake them a little longer.  Although the shells/feet are more even on this try so I think air drying is more effective at getting even feet but I’m not sure if I should bake at a lower temp like 275 next time or raise the heat from 200 to 350 as Les Petits Macarons original recipe recommends.
They still tasted good.  A little undermixed though as you can see from the nipple


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