Sky Blue Vanilla Macarons
All smooth on top but the feet spread and since I didn’t rotate the pan you can tell that the right side of the oven is the hottest.
Same recipe but better macaronnage this time.
I set the convection oven to 375F then turned it off right before popping the macarons in and left it off for 7 minutes.
Then I turned the oven on again and set it to 375F (it was somewhere around 310F by then) and let them bake for 7 minutes
Good drying but feet spread too wide.
Compared to the last batch that was exactly the same batter I got no cracking which I interpret to mean the drying temp was better but the feet spread wider which I interpret to mean that the baking temp was too high this time.
Maybe try 375 for drying then 365 for baking because last 2 batches at 375 the feet were pretty wide.


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