Not a single crack, all with nice frilly feet but hollow. Baked at 275 for 17 minutes — not enough
I tried a different recipe this time.  The recipe I was using from Bravetart was heavy onthe meringue so a little more susceptible to cracks if the macaronnage was not perfect. The recipe from Les Petits Macarons was tant pour tant and pretty heavy on the almond flour — the insides of my macarons were always great but I couldn’t get the temperature adjusted to keep them from being lopsided or having
incredibly wide feet.  This is the recipe I used for this batch:
200 mg confectioner’s sugar
120 mg almond flour
   100 g egg whites
  50 granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
Otherwise, everything was pretty much the same except I beat the egg whites until “bubble bath frothy” before I added the sugar and beat to stiff peaks.  There are several sites on the web using this recipe and one had suggested baking at 275 for 17 minutes. That was not high enough.  Even when I baked them for 20 minutes I had trouble peeling them off the paper and were hollow.  So, I like this recipe because it gave me more consistency with the shapes and not a single crack in 3 trays but I need to raise the temp next time.
Same batter on silpat — notice the feet are not frilly and the tops are a little irregular in shape compared to their silpat cousins? These were better inside because I baked them for 20 minutes at 275 but I still think that is too low of a temperature.
Still delicious and pretty.  Need to try a higher temp next time.


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