Recently, I tried out a new recipe using tant pour tant quantities for the almond flour and PS.  But I was getting a lot of lopsided macarons.  I tried air drying first (the recipe by Les Petits Macarons) calls for drying in the oven.  I tried rotating more frequently during baking.  I kept getting lopsided macarons and yesterday when I tried pistachio macarons the shells slipped of their feet.  I think its too low of a temperature but not wanting to continue with testing this recipe I went back to the tried and true from Stella Parks modified by Mardi Michels.Interestingly, my first batch today was 2/3 pistachio, 1/3 almond flour (the family did not like straight pistachio).  I continued with my new technique (a la Kathyrn Gordon) of adding the gel coloring at the last stage of macaronnage and added cute pistachio bits to the top.  See below. Ugh!  Almost threw in the towel on macs after this, honestly.  The ones with pistachio bits were pretty much the only ones that peaked and ruptured.  I’m not even going to show you the ones I baked on a rimless cookie sheet — that was a disaster, don’t do that. Of note, I did overmix at macaronnage a titch so I’m wondering if that’s whats responsible for this semi-disaster.  We shall see…

Pistachio Macs with Pistachio bits on top

Feeling that I had to do one more batch and get it right in order to get this monkey off my back I tried again.  Ran out of pistachios.  Just almond flour with 1/4 teaspoon stawberry oil and 2 drops of gel coloring for half a batch.  I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure if it was the gel coloring at the last stage of macaronnage that killed the batch above because Stella and Mardi (omg, its like they’re my friends) always add it at the last stage of meringue.  I did it anyway because I oh so much want bright macs.  But, look…

Strawberry Macs

Back to good macs.  Although I will say they are titch flatter and a titch sloped on some but not noticeable by anyone else but me.  They are full inside so the color did not ruin them.  So, I think overmixing ruined the first batch of pistachio macs although I’m still confused as to why only the ones with bits on top suffered.  I hate macs and love them at the same time.

Strawberry Macs

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