Making these Pikachu macarons was much easier than I expected and I would love to share the technique with you. But what’s even more interesting about these Pikachu macarons  is how half of them met an unfortunate end.


To make them I added 4 drops of Americolor lemon yellow to the macaronnage. After baking I created a stencil using card stock — basically just cutting out 4 circles for the eyes and cheeks.  Then I laid the stencil on each macaron and painted with food color gel diluted with a couple of drops of vodka. I hand- painted the noses and mouths. Super easy.

Now for the fun/crazy part.  Or, “how Mommy finally lost her marbles.” My 3-year-son is quite the scamp. He likes to get into things/places he’s not supposed to and gloat about it.  I had carefully sequestered the macarons in our garage refrigerator where he would never see them.  In a cruel twist of fate, my daughter and I were carrying something down the garage steps while he waited for us in the garage.  We had our eyes on the heavy thing we were carrying and in that moment he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the box of macarons.  When we looked up he was beaming with pride as he held the box of macarons in his hands. In a moment of parental stupidity I screamed “NOOOOOO!!” to which he responded by flinging the box across the garage.  And then, to my utter shame, I knelt down over the box of demolished macarons and cried in front of my daughter.  Only for a couple of seconds though.  I quickly recovered and spent the afternoon trying to reassure my daughter that I was not crazy and that macarons were NOT that important in life.

By the way, during my moment of shame I had sent my son to his timeout chair.  He took that opportunity to pour an entire bottle of detergent all over the laundry room floor.

He later jerked his hand out of mine at Joann’s and played a not-so-fun game of hide and seek with me there for about five minutes.

Then I called my husband and told him to come home immediately.  End of story.

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