I love custard-based desserts: canneles and pasteis de nata are some of the few things I will make for myself because I truly crave them. Although croissants are my number one diet-breaker favorite pastry of all time they take much longer to make so they don’t work for cravings. Truth be told, I love laminating pastry so the whole experience of rolling out laminated pastry and then watching it puff in the oven and then eating it is magical. Oh and kouign amann. Those are definitely in my top five. Again, any laminated pastry. I forgot almond croissants which has both creme patissiere and a croissant. I’m getting carried away.

Back to pasteis de nata. Puff pastry and custard. I first heard about them on GBBO and fell in love with their history — the whole thing about needing to use up egg yolks that were left over from starching the nuns’ habits with egg whites was just fascinating. You can find the exact recipe I used from GBBO here but just know that the batter amount is enough for 18 tarts not 12 so you can either decrease the batter amount or increase the puff pastry to about 450g (from 300g roughly). If you are going to use the whole batter amount I found it easier to roll out one 300 g piece of puff pastry to 20×30 cm as specified in the recipe and another to 15x 20 cm.

Here is a short video to assist you in assembly. I ate them hot right out of the oven and burned by tongue but didn’t care.

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