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My Favorite Filling Combinations:

  • Baklava : rosewater + pistachio praline paste +/- honey
  • Bananas foster: sliced bananas + caramel + pecans
  • Turtle: dark chocolate ganache + caramel + pecans
  • Strawberry IMBC: freeze dried pulverized strawberries mixed into IMBC
  • Passion fruit IMBC: passion fruit puree mixed into IMBC
  • Raspberry preserves mixed into dark chocolate ganache
  • Pistachio IMBC: pistachio praline paste mixed into IMBC
  • Dulce de leche frosting: dulce de leche mixed into ABC

My Favorite Places to Shop for Equipment and Ingredients:


Fondant and other cake decorating tools:

  • www.fondantsource.com: my favorite place to shop if I have time to go pick up — best prices in Orlando and great selection; very friendly, quick service.  You can shop online and pick up within the hour usually.
  • The Sweet Chalet: Sanford. Super friendly and helpful owner. Also, a treat to shop there for both adults and young (well-behaved) ones. Also competitive prices but not a comprehensive inventory
  • www.Annettescakes.com: also very friendly and good selection; very convenient if you live on the East side of Orlando
  • www.DandGoccasions: extensive selection and convenient hours but customer service has always been lackluster; good for custom edible images

Bulk ingredients:

General baking equipment:

  • Restaurant Equipment World
  • Restaurant Depot
  • Amazon

Acrylic cake disks and cake scrapers:

  • www.cakesafe.com: my absolute favorite cake disks and scrapers with amazing and friendly customer service

Baking and Cake Decorating classes:

Custom cookie stencils:

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  1. Maria says:

    Marzipan. raw eggs. Is it safe

    1. sallyelias says:

      When I make marzipan I use pasteurized egg whites from a carton so I feel comfortable using it uncooked. But, if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can use other liquids like corn syrup or lemon juice instead.

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