I am making a zombie cake for my nephew (stay tuned) and pondering the right shade of gray for a zombie.  I know, weird. I decided to experiment with some different hues.  Since this is definitely some information I would refer to in the future I thought it would also make a great short blog post.


For the modeling chocolate on the left I started with a light blue MC and added 2 drops of Americolor black.  I got a bluish gray obviously. This is a gray I would use for a realistic elephant color if you will.

For the one in the middle I started with white MC (made with super white CK melts) and added a marble sized amount of black MC.  This was a really appealing gray to me — more like an elephant for a baby shower which would be more of cartoon color rather than a true-to-life color.

The one on the right was made with white MC and a smear of Americolor black plus a smaller smear of Americolor lemon yellow to offset the purple hues of the black.  I think this is what I would call a slate gray and is what I ultimately used for my zombies because it seemed more dead or devoid of color to me.  Yikes! Not what I want to be thinking of on Valentine’s day!

One thought on “How to Get Gray Modeling Chocolate (or Fondant)

  1. Stephen says:

    Nice! Now add BLOOD on the fingers because zombies eat humans with their fingers… They don’t bother with a fork and knife!!! 😉 <3

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