A foreword by Stephen Keszey:
My wife is rather obsessed with baking, especially “caking”. I would say her near-sick obsession is rivaled only by my own obsession for my Ohio State Buckeyes. So my birthday cake could be viewed as a “convergence of crazy” that resulted in an awesome and incredibly tasty hallowed Shoe… I received this after returning home Sunday night from my yearly pilgrimage to Columbus. I was reluctant to even cut into it, but the three year old was already salivating and claiming the “O” slice!! THANK YOU WIFEY and GO BUCKEYES!


Many of you probably already know that my husband is a huge nut.  A Buckeye that is.  Evidence supporting this statement:

  1.  A plaque in front of our house that reads: “Keszey Nuthouse.”
  2. An OSU flag flying in front of our house.
  3. Our children dressed in scarlet and gray on Saturdays during football season
  4. Buckeye jerseys adorning our family room during games and me sent to my room so I don’t ruin the good “Buckeye vibe” and so on…

Last year I made him a pretty lame cake because he said he didn’t want one and didn’t want me to go to any trouble making one.  I guess I didn’t have my man-translator on because I think he was disappointed  when I presented him with his gentleman’s whiskey cake (no picture because it was so lame). So when he hinted at a stadium cake I committed to this project.

Silly me for not realizing that The Horseshoe could not be made with one of those ubiquitous stadium cake pans because IT IS A HORSESHOE. Ugh.  So here I am researching the stadium’s measurements and scaling them down and printing out the seating chart for a template, etc. I came across a Danbury mint replica of the stadium and thought I had killed 2 birds with one stone: gift+ cake model.  Alas, the model was not quite like the real thing so I still had to rely on a lot of pictures (and math) to get it right.

Now, wouldn’t you know it — Stephen scheduled his annual boys-get-together OSU game for the weekend of his birthday.  This meant that I was home alone with both [sick] kids all weekend trying to fit in time to finish his cake.  It was a little crazy.  This is only the second carved cake I’ve ever made and those stadium seats were a doozy. I found these clay carving tools from Hobby Lobby to be super helpful.

clay clay2

One of Stephen’s friends (Ripps) gets overwhelmed with multiple pictures on my blog posts so here’s a fun time lapse video instead.  By the way I have to give credit to Ripps for helping me pick out the stadium model and to another friend, Kernohan, for taking pictures of the Shoe for me.

Hope you enjoy. Go Buckeyes!


The chart I used to carve the cake
The chart I used to carve the cake










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