Sophia is really into Pokemon these days and so for her 10th birthday we did a grand Pokemon themed party replete with Pokeball Chinese lanterns,  a pokeball tablecloth, a Pokeball cake and more to come.  This is the first post in the series I will refer to as “Pokemon Insanity” or “I never want to see those big red cheeks again!”

For the Pokeball cake I got the idea from this beautiful one but used Sophia’s favorite characters instead: Snorlax, Pikachu, Celebi and Jirachi.  I did the characters way ahead of time with modeling chocolate.  Just a tip for the wings on Celebi and whatever those winglike things are on Jirachi I used the Wilton Fondant Double Cutter Set in leaf shape.  I used the straight edge for Celebi’s wings and the scalloped edge for Jirachi’s.


I have to tell you sphere cakes are not as easy to construct as they might appear.  Please refer to one of my favorite cake designer’s tutorials for her instructions: Wicked Goodies How to Make a Half Sphere Cake (instructions for a whole sphere are included).  The most important thing I learned about making a sphere is that there has to be A LOT of support dowels on the bottom half. These were my steps:

1) Baked and froze two 6.25″ half spheres. I used Fat Daddio’s pans.

2) After at least 24 hours of freezing (which is what I do for all of my cakes) I let the two halves thaw for about 1.5 hours.  They were still pretty cold. I then torted each half into two layers.  I lined both pans with saran wrap then stacked the cake in the pans again with SMBC and jam filling and more saran wrap covering the top. Back in the fridge to firm up the filling. The saran wrap makes it easier to pull the cakes out after chilling.

3) One half got a board on the flat side.  The other half got a small piece of the dome trimmed off to create a flat part roughly 7 cm wide.  I attached a 7cm wide piece of cake board to the top of that cake half — which was now destined to be the bottom half of the cake.

4) Ganached both halves and let sit overnight at room temperature.

5) Covered top half with red fondant and bottom half with white (making sure to trim around the 7cm board).

6) Adhered the bottom half to the cake board.  So where I initially went wrong was I only put in two bubble straws into the bottom half with a little jam on top and tried to stack the top half.  It started crushing.  So I quickly removed the top half and added in 5 more bubble straws and then tried it again — much better. Not perfect but it was saved. So I would recommend several bubble straws or even better — go with plastic dowel rods. This is where I have to give DH credit because he is the one who immediately suggested more straws when I started panicking. Without him there would be no cakes — just cake wrecks.

Stay tuned for Part II of Pokemon Insanity: Pikachu cake pops

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