I have found — or should I say accepted — a technique for coloring macarons that makes me happy. My macarons turn out beautifully except for the color. I can always get reds and yellows to turn out well but greens, purples and blues are utter failures. They fade, they brown and even the shapes of the macarons are altered by the addition of these colors. I have tried different gel brands, different powder brands, different ovens to no avail. Today I tried yet another brand of coloring powder of which I was assured would be heat-resistant, etc. But I used about $3 (3 g) of powder to achieve a faint green-beige and I reached my absolute limit. My pistachio buttercream was a beautiful pistachio green whilst my macaron shells resembled — well, nothing. So I pulled out my airbrush and gave them a light mist and voila! We are done with our struggle and used less coloring to boot. Plus, if I want a half-and-half effect a la 7-Up then that is what I shall have! At first I felt I had cheated my way to a brightly-colored macaron but it’s not any different than adding it to the batter. Color is color. Try it. What have you got to lose?

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