For those of you who couldn’t make it here’s what you missed. You saw it here first!

All in chocolate except for the white blouse — even the shoes!


This is gelatin people! 99% edible outfit!


Sugar veil outfit. Took 6 weeks to make!

Wafer paper bustier and skirt.

Fabric with gumpaste details
Wafer paper and isomalt. 98% edible outfit!



Chocolate, non-pareils, cake lace

Fondant, candy, wafer paper, dragees Designed by Colette Peters and Lisa Mansour (her father was from Egypt).


Isomalt, gumpaste, sugar lace


5 thoughts on “America’s Cake & Sugarcraft Fair Orlando– The Cake Fashion Show!

  1. Jon says:

    O U T S T A N D I N G ! Bravo to you Sally. What a masterpiece. Love the documented journey! Thanks for “including” me! xoxo

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