A Brief Word About Coloring Macarons

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI have found — or should I say accepted — a technique for coloring macarons that makes me happy. My macarons turn out beautifully except for the color. I can always get reds and yellows to turn out well but greens, purples and blues are utter failures. They fade, they brown and even the…

Filigree Swirl Wedding Cake with my Favorite Chocolate Mud Recipe

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI’ve only ever made one wedding cake and it was a 2-tiered naked cake with fresh lavender. Very low pressure and yet my hands were still shaking when I was arranging the lavender around the cake. I had no intention of making another wedding cake. But then my priest’s wife called with a request….

Updated History and Recipe for Finom Szelet

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI did not plan this but it turns out that 4 years ago to the day I tried to make Finom Szelet for the first time.  Afficionados of Hungarian baking will be familiar with Gerbeaud Szelet but might be scratching their heads about Finom Szelet.  That’s because it seems to have originated from my…


Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinI can’t resist a baking challenge and ever since I saw this on GBBO last year I knew I had to devote a weekend to it. (Turned out to be two weekends). Actually when I saw this episode my first thought was “Oh this could be as excruciatingly painful and blissfully rewarding as macarons….

Murder Mystery Escape Room Party Cake

Share this…PrintPinterestemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinThat was a mouthful of a title but the cake was for a murder mystery party with an escape room.  It was for my daughter’s 13th birthday party and, as you can imagine, we were quite busy with the planning. This was the invitation and, by the way, if you’re interested I highly recommend…